Bring your guests the freedom to play their favourite NOVOMATIC NOVO LINE™ machines everywhere in your casino WLAN! Any of the casino‘s configured tablet PCs can be used to play in your smoking area, in a bar or restaurant or in the comfort of a VIP lounge.

Your guests will be thrilled with this new gaming flexibility and you can avoid those annoying reserved machines that are not played while guests are away from the gaming floor having a smoke or a drink.


  • Play any NOVO LINE™ Interactive or NOVO LINE Novo Unity™ II machine remotely via a tablet PC using the casino WLAN!
  • Allows players to continue the game in designated areas, such as VIP lounge, smoking zone or a bar / restaurant.
  • Two machines can be played and observed at the same time (rotate screen functionality).
  • Control over slot machines can only be returned by the player or by an attendant using the tablet.
  • Remotely played machines are completely controlled by the tablet PC.
  • All data resources including RNG remain at the machines.
  • All interactions between the machines and the tablet are fully secured by the server.
  • Info banner on remotely played machines’ screen inform about the machines‘ remote status.
  • Easy installation and configuration.
  • User interface can be casino branded.
  • Possibility of an integrated CMS system for improved customer service (taxi / room / dinner reservations…).
  • Absolute security in operation.